Frequently Asked Questions

- NickServ

- ChanServ

- MemoServ

- BotServ

- HostServ

- Why do I keep getting killed after connecting?

- Why am I forced to re-join channels after changing my vhost?

- How do I use !op, !kick, !kb, etc. in my channel?


- How to Connect via SSL

- How to Load Popup Text and .mrc Scripts

Advanced Services Guides

Click a service name for a complete list of commands.

- ChanServ: Helps you register and maintain a channel. This also prevents people from taking over your channel and changing settings.

- NickServ: Functions the same as ChanServ, except with your nickname. This service prevents other people from using your nickname.

- MemoServ: Allows you to send and receive memos or short notes to people who have registered their nicknames with NickServ.

- BotServ: This feature allows you to have your very own channel bot.

- HostServ: Used to activate and deactivate personal vhosts.