Loading Alias Popup Text

(1.) Open the text file

(2.) Copy and paste the lines into your mIRC program under the Green /a under Alias

(3.) Press OK

(4.) Type your alias command into a channel or message box; for example:

/rb nick for rainbow writing

/kiss nick for the big kiss

Loading .mrc Scripts

(1.) Copy and paste these files along with any other text and/or configuration files that came with it into your main mIRC folder.

(2.) Go into your mIRC program to load them.

(3.) Type this in your Status window to be sure they are successfully loaded or unloaded:

/load -rs NameOfPopup.mrc

Example: /load -rs crazywolf1.mrc

Right-click on a nick and you will see a new menu with all your popups ready to use. To unload and remove the .src scripts, type: /unload -rs NameOfPopup.mrc.