Our mission at PurpleSurge is to deliver a highly stable chat infrastructure that supports a free exchange of ideas.

PurpleSurge is a non-mainstream entertainment and leisure chat network with lots of fun people and a variety of unique chat rooms to keep you on your feet. Gaming has become a significant part of our community. We have a channel devoted to matching up people who play Nintendo Wii games online. For those who are interested in paranormal research, we have a couple excellent channels dedicated to these discussions, with occasional interviews from established researchers. Our assortment of general interest rooms ranges from scripting to music. PurpleSurge covers just about every aspect of leisure that you can imagine. Do you have an underground hobby that you want people to know about? This is the place to express what makes you happy.

We offer a variety of special features to our members. One of the most popular is Serenity, a mIRC script developed by PurpleSurge staff, featuring a control panel with universal access to IRC, MSN, and AIM all in one! Those who are addicted to MySpace will find themselves at home with other addicts on our MySpace friends community. We also have a physical mapping feature that shows where our members are logged in from throughout the world. We invite you to chat with us and make PurpleSurge your new home online. If you are new to IRC, take a look at our Introduction to IRC. Have a great day, and thank you for your time.