Introduction to IRC

IRC is the Internet's largest growing live, interactive communication service. With IRC, people all over the world are able to participate in real-time conversations with one another. It is great fun, and you are guaranteed to meet interesting people and form lasting friendships. Exchanging these relayed text messages is as easy as downloading an IRC client, such as mIRC, or using a Java Web chat applet. Both methods may be utilized on our network, and a Java applet is available for use if you would rather not spend time downloading a client.

PurpleSurge would like to personally invite you to partake in IRC by logging in, finding a channel of interest, and chatting. The best part is, you can chat in several different rooms simultaneously, and even take part in private conversations! We greatly value the time spent with each of our guests, and we openly credit the success of this network to our community. We appreciate your efforts in working with us and look forward to supplying you with our unique chat solutions! To join in on a discussion, or to create your own chat room, visit our Chat section.

For both beginners and the experienced, we recommend mIRC for PC users and Ircle for Mac users. Click on the links for more information on how to download and install these programs.