To make your visit as safe and enjoyable as possible, PurpleSurge has devised a set of standards that all users and staff must follow. As long as you're respectful to others, there shouldn't be any problem.

NOTE: PurpleSurge will not unban you from a chat room. If you were accidentally or wrongfully banned from a room, you will need to speak with the person who banned you. If you cannot get in touch with this person, then we suggest seeking help from the website where you logged into the chat. To inquire about a network related ban, please submit a new ticket to our Abuse Team. Again, we will NOT unban you from a specific room.

General policies

  1. You are responsible for ALL activity that occurs on your IP address. No exceptions.

  2. If you are tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or otherwise targeted by another person, you MUST: (a) leave the channel; (b) /ignore the user bothering you; and/or (c) report the user to the appropriate channel op or founder to request their removal. Generally speaking, IRC Operators will not become involved in complaints about cyberbullying. In very rare cases where the harassment is completely uncontrollable, IRC Operator intervention may take place.

  3. No spamming, flooding, or advertising on the network.

  4. No fservs, XDCC, or any type of filesharing bots allowed.

  5. Users may group up to 7 nicknames within a group. Only one nickname group is allowed per user. The group may include personal nicks and bot nicks. (Although users are limited to one group, we will continue to honor "bot groups" that were approved under the old policy. This exception only applies to users with approved bot groups prior to August 19, 2010. Please note that no additional nicks may be added to these old "bot groups.")

  6. Distribution of child pornography (including sharing external URLs) and solicitation of sex to minors is forbidden.

  7. Links to lawful pornography may be shared only in channels marked +X and in private messages. No pornography of any nature will be shared outside a channel marked +X or outside a private message. All users in a +X channel must have usermode +X enabled. We do not moderate the sharing of pornographic links in private messages, assuming it does not conflict with any other PurpleSurge policy.

  8. Transmission of hate material and propaganda is prohibited. This policy DOES NOT limit free speech, which channel operators govern themselves. This DOES protect against hatred toward any group of people through a channel name or channel topic, or mass distributing unwanted hate material to users.

  9. Using NickServ ghost to keep users off of your nickname is disallowed. Use /nickserv recover in order to keep someone off your nick.

Being respectful is the best way to avoid problems. We have the right to remove users from the network if we find they are causing any type of disturbance. The reason for removal does NOT have to be covered by an existing policy. We use common sense to keep PurpleSurge clean and pleasant. Our decisions are final.

Vhost rules

  1. No sexual content will be permitted in vHosts; this includes any and all variations of sexual language.

  2. No combative or aggressive content will be permitted in vHosts.

  3. vHosts proclaiming or pertaining to your own religion will be handled on a case by case basis. We do not want to spark disagreements or incite problems. Those which attack or mock are not permitted.

  4. Any and all discriminatory content will be disallowed; this may include but is not limited to: racism, sexism, along with discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and religious belief.

  5. Any attempt to loophole the above rules by changing the spelling of words or omitting certain letters will not be met favorably. The intent behind a vHost is still the same and you will be knowingly attempting to bypass and break the rules.

  6. Please limit your requests to 7 per-day: one request per nick in your group. Once 7 have been made, any further requests within that day will be rejected.

  7. Non-English vhosts will be examined by language translators. We may ask you to clarify (via memo or PM) the language used in the vhost before it's approved. Your request will be denied if we believe the vhost is disrespectful in any way.

  8. IP addresses are prohibited in vhosts, regardless of ownership. Domains may be used after validation of ownership (excluding .local, .localdomain, and .arpa). Proper validation may include one of the following instructions from an IRCop: (a) Create a CNAME DNS entry; (b) Add a file to the root of the website; or (c) Send an email from the administrative email address in WHOIS. An IRCop will communicate with you if we need you to perform any validation.

You may request a vhost with the command /hs request vhost ident@host.name.here. Requests are manually reviewed, so please be patient in waiting for approval. Most vhosts are activated within a few hours.

Abuse handling

How do we handle abusive users?

Every situation is handled individually. In some cases, we will issue a verbal warning or disconnect the abusive user. In more severe circumstances, the abusive user will be banned. The length of the ban is based on staff discretion. We have the right to exercise any consequence against any user who chooses to disregard our policies.

Special notes and considerations

In the rare event that we believe security could be compromised, IRC administrators will put the network into "defcon" which forces channels to have +R temporarily. While this is extremely rare, it is done to protect the network and our users from flooding and other interferences.

Please be courteous to our staff, they are all volunteers and are not required to be here and are not paid. (We know, so hard to believe!) Most staff members got their positions by contributing to the network, please do not ask to become a staff member. If you really want to help out, bring legitimate users, and help new users learn how to use the network.